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Joyfully Celebrate

The countdown is on…the journey from Thanksgiving to a bright New Year has begun! The busiest holidays of the year are almost here. Let’s take time to pause and remind ourselves no matter the appearances, peace is in us, all around and about us. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to stop and look around, count…



I want to share with you an excerpt from the poem A Budding Flower, from the book “Love Notes For The Journey”, by Jackie Compton.“You are the budding flower, my friend.You have emerged from the cold and darkand have planted your roots in God’s Nourishment.Then you started to grow spiritually,facing each challenge that came upon…



I am sitting here contemplating where I see us as a spiritual community in the year of 2022. What intentions should we as a “people” see for ourselves and focus on? My process for developing annual themes is to take time in prayer and meditation and know…’not my will’ but to let Spirit guide. Of…


The Power of Overcoming

  Jesus knew the trials and tribulations of living a human existence, and He wanted to show us how to be an overcomer of the stuff we encounter in our lives. One lesson I have learned is that everything has a purpose in life and has come to teach or reveal something to us. When…


A Wonderful Time of the Year!

  It is the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, in our way of thinking, every day is the most wonderful time of the year. There is something about the winter season and the holidays that come with it that is very powerful. Think about it…Thanksgiving is a time of expressing gratitude and…

All Is Well

All Is Well

“ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL” From class assignment to a worldwide spiritual event, Unity World Day of Prayer has become the pause to pray within our movement. Of course, every day is a day of prayer, however, on September 8th and 9th we come together with the intention of uniting our hearts and minds…

What is freedom

What Is Freedom?

What do you think makes you free? If it is based on how prosperous you are financially, or how much material wealth you have, then your view of freedom may be somewhat limited because it is based on what you feel you are free to do. First and foremost, we are spiritual beings, having a…



  As I think back on this past year, I affirm, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. Yes, rejoice and be grateful that we are moving through the experience. These upcoming holidays: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day, come with a deeper meaning…

New Year

New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Annual Theme for 2021 is “How to Stay Centered, No Matter What” and it is based on Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement’s concept of 12 Tools (or 12 Powers) for achieving inner peace in a chaotic world. This year let us join and practice using these tools…


Faith, Love & Harmony

FAITH, LOVE AND HARMONY…OUR MANTRA! This is the time of year we gather with family and friends celebrating the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year has certainly tested our ability to “know and stand” in the Unity way of Truth…the holidays will certainly be a testament to how well we are accomplishing the goal….


Fear or Faith

Your Choice…Fear or Faith For a couple of months now, a lot of folks have been at the fork in the road, trying to decide whether to linger in fear…or choose faith to believe unwaveringly in One Presence and One Power in our Universe. The most popular well-traveled path appears to be to abandon faith…


Experience Teaches

It is said our experiences are our teachers. If we look at them with our consciousness raised to the level of spirit, we will see that each experience reveals a path, a divine purpose that we can use to live a full and enriched life. Some of our experiences are painful, some are gentle, but…


Uncertain Times

Certainty in Uncertain Times Now is the time to draw on the Truth we have been learning. If you have been watching our pre-recorded Sunday services, then you are aware that I have been affirming “One Power…One Presence, in the Universe and in my Life, God”. Rev. Mae Davis, my mentor, often reminded me that…



The secret hidden for the ages is (drum roll please), life is ever evolving, continuously spiraling inward and upward. If you want to experience the fullness of it, take time to know the Spirit of God is in you and in It you live, move and have your being in the essence of all that…

White Stone

New Name

The White Stone is an ancient ritual dating back to the time when Jesus was teaching. When someone served time in prison or in bondage of any kind, they were given a white stone when they were released. On this stone was a new name, a chance to begin again with a clean slate. In…



Here we are again! Happy Thanksgiving. UCOL has a lot to be thankful for this year, together we have been moving forward as one in faith, love and harmony. I am so grateful for each one of you and what you contribute to this spiritual community. I look forward to what is our next thing…



“Infinite Presence, Unlimited Potential” is the theme for this year’s Unity World Day of Prayer, Thursday, September 12, 2019. World Day of Prayer’ unites Unity and draws in New Thought communities for a 24-hour period of prayer. In prayer, we dissolve our personal borders as we realize God within us, around us—an active source of…

Freedom | Freedom


FREEDOM What do you think makes you free? If it is based on how prosperous you are financially, or how much material wealth you have, then your view of freedom may be somewhat limited because it is based on what you feel you are free to do. First and foremost, we are spiritual beings, having…



We have a lot to celebrate during the next couple months. First, Mother’s Day is this month and we celebrate you all. Caring for another living being is a sacred activity not to be taken lightly. In the Daily Word from May 2017, I read “A mother can be anyone who takes on a role…



Anticipation is in the air. The birds are back chirping outside my window and the squirrels are scampering about. Yes…Spring is in the air and what better time to celebrate the Lenten Season than a time in which the earth renews and replenishes after a winter’s rest. Spring is the season of new growth and…



Our Theme for 2019: Together–Moving Forward as One in Faith, Love and Harmony! It almost seems too soon to be saying “Happy New Year”, feels like 2018 just started. I am thrilled with the possibilities that the year of 2019 holds as together we move forward as one in faith, love and harmony! In Luke…

Fertile ground

Fertile Ground

HOLIDAYS ARE FERTILE GROUND   I really get excited around holidays because they are fertile ground and a great time to spread seeds of Truth and watch them unfold.  In our Unity way of life, we know that everyday we can experience Thanksgiving, we can always feel the joy of Christmas and the pleasure of…



I have just returned from the annual Unity People’s Convention in Olathe, Kansas. It was a rewarding and inspiring week! I’d like to share some of the highlights and let you know some of what is happening in Unity. Donna Johnson, CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) said this was the ‘Just Imagine’ convention. Things…

Last time


Having announced my intention to retire effective November 1 this year, I am so aware of ‘the last time’ for so many things. This will be my last newsletter submission, for example. It’s rather strange, and it makes me aware of many emotions and memories. It is bittersweet! We say in our prayer chaplain training…



Daffodils and Dandelions Don’t you just love spring? I certainly do! It seems that the landscape changes almost overnight, going from all brown to green. Flowers are blooming, trees have blossomed and formed new leaves, and there is a fresh new energy. I sit at my computer right in front of a window that looks…



We’re getting ready to let go of cold weather clothing and frosty mornings. Spring is upon us. With it comes Daylight Savings Time, chilly days, flowers and rain. It is a time of new growth, renewal and potentially, new beginnings, both in the outer and within ourselves. Every Spring I look at my yard to…

Be illumined

Letting Our Lights Shine

A new year ahead of us – how exciting! As each year rolls around, we have an opportunity to notice what the previous year brought to us, and we can turn our sights toward making the new year one of love, joy and fulfillment. While we have our unique goals and intentions, we all have…

Never Alone

That Time Again!

We’ve had some strange weather this year, and even as I write this, the leaves are still on the trees, just beginning to turn colors. Our fall has been warm, so it seems impossible that the holiday season is upon us! How do we handle the additional tasks that come with the holidays? Are we…


Prayer and Prosperity

Prayer and Prosperity Many years ago, a popular song contained the lyrics, ‘love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.’ The old-fashioned song pairs the two as the ideal…. Love leading to marriage. In a similar way, prayer and prosperity are the ideal pairing. Prayer leads to prosperity! Is it…

Being Inspired

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Deep in the Heart of Texas I’ve just returned from the Unity People’s Convention in San Antonio, Texas, where I learned and laughed and reconnected and experienced great Unity teachings! I thought I’d share some of my experience with you. The convention was in San Antonio this year, and the hotel was on the famous…

Comfort Zone

Our Comfort Zone

This seems to be a very busy time of year for many of us. There are weddings, graduations, family get-togethers, plus all the normal activities. With all this busy-ness, any unexpected or unplanned event can seem to throw us into a tail spin, and it doesn’t feel very peaceful! I recently had to replace my…

Spring Stirs Us

Spring Stirs Us

New Beginnings This is the time of year that is so transformative! At the beginning of March, we are often still experiencing all the effects of winter; leafless trees, brown grass, cold weather. It’s hard to imagine the green leaves, budding trees and flowers and warm weather that will most likely be happening by the…

Being Free

Being Free

Another new start, another new beginning. It’s a brand new year, and the possibilities are endless!  At this time of year, we look past the immediate, bleak winter landscape to the vision of potential that is there for all to see. Do you see it? Most of us have good intentions to begin new healthy…

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