Liberation Day

As a society, look so much to the outside and other people for freedom. One of the fundamental issues with Country against Country and People against People is the fear of not enough or not being enough. Martha Smock, a Unity Author wrote, “You are not bound by anything, any person, any situation.” Wouldn’t it be great if everyone would take a deep look inside themselves and recognize our differences are what makes this a unique Universe? Just think of the good that could be gleaned from the knowledge that when all is said and done, we can all ride in the same boat without fighting.

Indeed, what a wonderful world it really would be. Of course, I am not talking about us agreeing on everything, how boring would that be? As we take a look at the big picture laying all personal gains and greed aside, what is good for our World as a whole and what part can each of us do to contribute bringing it into manifestation.

In us there is a yearning for that greater part of us. The Psalmist in chapter 42 tells us of a longing and that when we journey deep within ourselves, we discover that space where our thirst for the freedom to be what we were created to be is quenched by the Creator. In that moment, we know our role in Universal liberation.

I am going to bring you a seven part lesson series titled ‘Spiritual Liberation’ beginning Sunday July 10, 2022 based on the book “The Untethered Soul”, by Michael A. Singer. This book was a revelation for me, and I want to share with you some insights to loosen and release the tethers that bind us into a ‘human only’ or ‘Ego’ way of thinking. We are much more for in us is Christ…that which is true freedom!

Have a Joyous Liberation Day!
Blessings, Vernetta